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Great copy is not about cramming a ton of words into one ad. It’s all about grabbing the attention of your audience, delivering a message while holding their interest and giving them something to remember once the spot is over. There are several building blocks that will help you accomplish this.

Billboard: The most vital piece of your copy. It’s the very first few lines your audience will hear. It’s important to grab their attention and substantiate why they should hang around to hear what’s next. Your billboard should not drone on; make it 5-seconds or less.

Product/Biz Name: If you’re attempting to drive consumers to a business or product, be sure that the name is prominently featured. For 60-second ads, strive for 4-6 mentions. For 30-second ads, include 2-4 repetitions.

The Offer: All offers should be presented in a clear, attractive manner. Stay away from “laundry lists” and focus 1 or 2 key things that will get the audience to respond. Always keep in mind that the strength of an offer will be determined by the customer, not the business. Therefore, stay away from self-promotion and focus on things such as value, savings and quality.

USP: Everyone in town will most likely say that they’re #1 (in customer service, sales and etc.). If you jump in with the same rhetoric, you’ll be just another talking head. Hence, you’ve got to figure out a way to leverage the unique aspects of your business. This is your unique selling proposition – an angle on business that nobody has. Be sure that you feature your USP and you’ll be posed to stand out.

Call To Action: After I hear your ad what should I do? Whatever that thing is will be defined as the call to action. It may be stopping in at a location, going to a website, calling a phone number and so on. As you figure out what you want your audience to do, be sure that you don’t offer too many options. In fact, it’s advised that you only give one and repeat, repeat, repeat! For example, if your ad ends with a phone number, site it several times. Don’t introduce other contacts; you’ll just overwhelm everyone.

As you seek to construct your own pieces of copy, be mindful that all of these building blocks are need for virtually every ad you write.